Expected results of the Project No. LT-PL-1R-056 “Natural Heritage – A Tool for Development of the Birdwatching Tourism In Dzūkija and Biebrza Valley“:

Restored areas and adapted to ornithological tourism:

 Restored and adapted areas, in total: 7 areas, including 5 restored by the LOS, 1 – by the DNP and 1 – by the BNP.


Nature tourism routes established in the Project area: 

The LOS established 18 nature tourism routes  from the Dzūkija NP to the  Bebrza valley. 


Infrastructure objects encouraging ornithological tourism equipped:

 Within the Project period, infrastructure required for ornithological tourism equipped: total – 24 objects.

 The LOS erected 4 observation platforms and carried out nature management works on two Natura 2000 sites. The DNP erected 1 observation platform, established a camping site with an ornithological class-room, carried out nature management works in two Natura 2000 sites.   

 In the implementation of the Project the BNP carried out repair works in  2 observation towers, footbridges leading to the observation towers, repaired the pier for boats, repaired roofs of 6 buildings on the camping site, equipped with outdoor tables and benches for camping visitors, repaired amenities, reconditioned camp-fire sites, renovated the building for amateur ornithologists.    



The number of trainings and participants 

The total number of participants in the Project events and trainings: 14.500

The total number of participants in trainings and events  organised by the LOS – over 440, by the BNP – 14.100.


Organisations participating in the c ross-border cooperation:

For the implementation of the Project, the Project Partners signed the Cooperation Agreement in the Fields of Nature Protection and Tourism


The number of participants in staff trainings and   study tours

The total number of participants from partner organisations in staff trainings study tours: 44 staff members, including 8 – from the LOS, 6 - from the DNP, 30 - from the BNP.    


Acquisition of equipment:

In the Project period, equipment for the implementation of nature management works,  practical and administrative activities was acquired by the Partners as follows: 


By the LOS: a portable computer, a drone for the film production, binoculars (5), nesting boxes (162), bird feeders for small birds (4), a ladder, a shrub- cutter;

By the DNP: a portable computer, a projector and screen, binoculars (5), cattle (10), equipment to make enclosure for the cattle, a pontoon raft;

By the BNP: portable computers (3), binoculars(29), a laser printer, a projector and screen.




In the Project period, 68 events were organised as follows:

By the LOS: 12 events, i.e. trainings for potential birdwatching guides, trainings (2)  for teachers, a study tour for the LOS staff, participation and presenting the Project in the International Exhibition of Tourism, birdwatching events (7);

By the BNP:  56 events, i.e. workshops (4), trainings  in schools (40), trainings for potential birdwatching guides (4), study visits to Lithuania (3), a study tour for employees of the BNP, massive events (5) for general public in the region.



The Project Partners issued 11 publications as follows:

By the LOS: the pocket nature field guide for amateur birdwatchers in the Dzūkija region, the map of ornithological routes in the Dzūkija region – the Bebrza valley, a book about nature of a popular character.


By the BNP:  a set of the pocket ornithological field guides with ornithological routes in the Dzūkija region – the Bebrza valley, (3), the map with nature routes, calendars (2), books (2) for children about species of birds and plants protected in the  Bebrza valley.


Articles in press and press releases

In the Project implementation period, 50 press released were prepared and distributed: over 40 by the LOS, 2 – by the DNP,  6 – by the BNP,



TV and radio

The film produced during the Project implementation period was broadcast 2 times on the national TV channel.


Leaflets, booklets and flyers

In the Project implementation period, the BNP published the booklet about the Project, sustainable tourism and birdwatching (4 booklets, edition 500 copies each}.



In the Project implementation period, the LOS produced ecological bags (440 units) and reflectors (440 units) with Project Logos; the souvenirs were distributed among participants of excursions and other Project events organised by the LOS, visitors of the International Exhibition of Tourism

The BNP produced ecological pens (1000 units), caps (1000 units), cups (1000 units), Y-shirts (1000 units), colour pencils (1000 units), note books (1000 units), bags (1000 units), 22 prizes for event winners.



The LOS created website with a digital map and the Facebook account in Lithuanian that is permanently upgraded with Project news in Lithuanian and English; the BNP -  the Facebook account in Polish.  

 Information boards,  information plates

In the Project period, the LOS placed the information plates in the erected observation platforms  (4), the information plates on the roof of bird feeders (4 sets, 8 units), the DNP – the information plate in the observation platform, also will upgrade the information on the erected information plate.   


A3 posters

The LOS prepared A3 posters about the Project (3 units), as a mandatory information means.


Other information means

In the Project implementation period, also other information means (10) were produced:

By the LOS: the mobile photography exhibition, the banner, the mobile Project information plates (2), the Project film ”The Secrets of Wild Nature”;

By the DNP: “Nature voices of the Dzukija and Biebrza regions” (a set of two DVDs) (1000 units);

By the BNP: the advertising tent, the flags, (2), the mobile information plate.