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Visit to the ground of Greater Spotted Eagles (video)

Visit to the ground of Greater Spotted Eagles (video)


In Poland, Greater Spotted Eagles breed solely in the Biebrza National Park (Biebrzański Park Narodowy). Here they find exceptionally favourable conditions: the flooded valley of the  Biebrza river, with its broad windings, vast fenlands and flooded forests. The local population of this species is assessed up to 15 breeding pairs. However, Grzegorz Maciorowski, who has been carrying research of the Greater Spotted Eagle, gives a smile as this year 12 pairs of the Greater Spotted Eagle nested, and it is excellent. Usually, only 7 – 8 pairs of the species breed here. In addition, 2 – 3 mixed pairs of the Lesser and Greater Spotted Eagles are found.  Though this year a number of Greater Spotted Eagles returned to the nesting site but breeding conditions were extremely unfavourable, as exceptionally cold and rainy spring spoiled numerous clutches, and only few nests brought young. Nevertheless, Grzegorz revealed one hide enabling to approach the deepest secret of the swamp. For a number of years, the Polish ornithologist has been researching biology of the Greater Spotted Eagle, ringing birds, following their wanderings by radio transmitters, thus, he knows the birds perfectly and calls some of them by their names.     

Moments of the research and monitoring are provided in the video below prepared in the implementation of Project No. LT-PL-1R-056 “Natural Heritage – A Tool for Development of the Birdwatching Tourism In Dzūkija and Biebrza Valley““, funded by the European Regional Development Fund and project partners according to the Interreg V-A – Lithuania-Poland Cross-border Cooperation Programme.

A hope exists the community of Greater Spotted Eagles, so close to our country, will provide the opportunity for this wonderful, though threatened, species to settle in Lithuania again.