About the Białystok region


The region of Białystok is situated in Eastern Poland at the border with Belarus and Lithuania. The region is notable for its unique areas covering large marshy river valleys, flooded forests and preserved old-growth forests. The Biebrza National Park (Polish: Biebrzański Park Narodowy), the Narew National Park (Polish: Narwiański Park Narodowy) and the Białowieża National Park (Polish: Białowieski Park Narodowy) are attributed to the sites of significance for nature conservation. In the Biebrza and Narew National Parks, the sites of significance for conservation of ecosystems are marshes and wetlands, and in the Białowieża National Park  - the ecosystems of natural forests. The Project area covers solely sites of the Biebrza river valley, thus, the information refers mainly to the Biebrza National Park.


Flooded meadows in Biebrza river valley.